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Excellon 205DP
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Precision PCB Products supplies the field proven Model 205DP depaneling router system. This rugged, two spindle system is designed for optimum routing of large panels at speeds up to 120 IPM with excellent edge quality. Low vibration routing protects even the most sensitive components. The system design assures a static and dust free routing environment.
A fine grain lapped granite base provides the stable platform for this rugged router system. A heavy duty machine weldment provides the structural support for the Z-axis. The X, Y, and Z-axis ride on heavy duty linear guides, and are driven with precision ground lead screws. The optical resolver encoder which is integral to the brushless motors, provides precision feedback for position accuracy and repeatability. Position accuracy of +/-0.0005'' (0.013mm) and position repeatability of +/-0.0002'' (0.005mm) are achieved. Table speed is programmable to 500 IPM.
The spindles are manufactured with precision preloaded matched duplex bearing pairs to assure long spindle life. Precision machining tolerances assure minimal run out, which measured statically is 0.0002'' (0.005mm) The spindles are belt driven by a balanced two horsepower motor and pulley assembly. Spindle speeds are programmable from 3,000 RPM to 24,000 RPM. Pneumatically activated collets are standard.
The system incorporates the proven PMC Model 450 controller, which is based on the Motorola 68040 32 bit processor. The controller provides exceptional computing power and user flexibility. The controller is contained in a movable control tower, which provides a very small foot print for work station layout flexibility.
The system is available with the following standard options:
• 9 position Tool Changer
• Vacuum System
• Status Light
• Stripper Plate


To learn more about this product or to request a pricing quote contact Kim Abel at 949.492.6200