Product Services
Precision PCB Products provides a full menu of product services; including the on site installation and check out of retrofit and product upgrade kits. Our factory trained customer service engineers and technicians are well qualified to satisfy your product service needs.
For more information of these services, please contact: Joe Drier or 949.492.6200
Spare Parts & Sales Support
Precision PCB Products provides spare parts services for the following products:
• Final Touch 101 • Excellon 105DP
• ATI 101CM • Excellon 205DP
• ATI 204CM
We maintain stock on a wide variety of parts and assemblies which have a recurring demand. Examples of these are listed below by generic description:
• Collets • Belts • Spindles
• Servo Amplifiers • Sub Plates • Spindle Drive Motor
• Servo Motors • Brushes • Controller Circuit Board Assemblies
   (Models 450 & 550)
For your specific parts needs, please contact: Kim Abel 949.492.6200 or
Application Specific Design Services
Precision PCB Products provides design engineering solutions for specific customer applications.
Should you have an application that requires this service, please contact: Wojciech Kosmowski, Vice President of Engeering at 949-492-6211 or