Final Touch 101
     Product Specs
Precision PCB Products introduces this new advanced depaneling router system. The system design incorporates more than 20 years of experience with depaneling router systems. This is reflected in the Final Touch 101 design, which emphasizes ease of operator use; routing speed, accuracy,what and most important, reliability.
The system comes in a single or dual spindle configuration, in either a stand alone or in an in-line automated configuration. The machine design is robust, with a fine grain granite base for stability, which supports the accuracy of the routing operation. The system incorporates a split axis design, with the Y-axis moving front to back and the X-axis moving left to right. Table speeds of up to 1200 IPM are achieved through the use of precision linear roller guides and precision ground pre-loaded ball screws, driven by brushless AC motors.
Position accuracy is achieved through the rugged design and use of the proven precision feedback from the brushless servo motors with integral resolver encoders. This results in position accuracies of +/0.0002. This all translates to a routing accuracy of +/0.002 on routed finished product.
The system utilizes a motor driven direct drive ceramic bearing spindle, with variable frequency. The spindles are water cooled for improved accuracy and spindle life. Spindle speed is variable from 20,000 to 60,000 RPM. The high speed spindle option is variable from 20,000 to 100,000 RPM.
The system incorporates the proven PMC Model 550 controller. The control system is based on the Motorola 68040 32-bit processor which provides exceptional computing power and user flexibility. The VME backplane provides an open architecture to allow multiple configurations and system upgrades. Ease of operator interface is enhanced with the 15 inch flat panel color touch screen monitor.
The system is available with the following standard options:
• 9 position Tool Changer • Vacuum System • In-line or Stand Alone Configuration
• Status Light • Spare Parts Package • High Speed Spindle-100K RPM
• Stripper Plate • Bar Code Reader