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Machine Base Fine grain black granite
Dimensions 50’’W x 54’’D x 94’’ H(With Operator Door
  in the open position)
Weight 2800 lbs (1082kg)
Power Input 208-480 VAC, 3 phase
  30A-15A, 50-60 Hz plus ground
  Other power options available
Positioning System Split Axis design
  Table motion Y axis front to back
  Spindle motion X axis left to right
  Table speed at 1200 IPM max
Guiding Precision preloaded linear roller slides
Lead screws Precision ground preloaded ball screws
Position Accuracy +/-0.0002’’(+/0.0051 mm)
Position Repeatability +/-0.0002’’(+/0.0051mm)
Tooling Plates Phenolic with conductive foam and
  Copper ground strip
Maximum Panel Size 22’’x 24’’(558x609mm) single station
  12’’x 22’’(304x558mm) dual station
Drive Direct drive
Number of Spindles 1(optional 2)
Spindle Type Motorized ceramic ball bearing, synthetic
  grease lubricated
  Water cooled.
RPM Range 10K-60K RPM
  Optional 20K-100K RPM
Indeed and Retract Rate 1000 IPM (25.4MPM)
Power 1.1 KW at 60,000 RPM
  .55KW at 30,000 RPM
Router Bit Size .010-.250 Dia. (.254 to 6.35mm)
Collet Taper pneumatically actuated
  .125 Dia (3.175mm)
Controller PMC-550
Data Input/Output 3.5’’DOS compatible floppy
Software PSOS
Monitor 15’’ flat touch screen-color
Keyboard Retractable
XY And Z Positioning System AC brush less servo motors with
  Integral resolver encoder
Controller PMC 550
Monitor 15’’ flat touch screen-color
Ambient Temperature 72 degrees +/-2 degrees F
  (22 degrees +/ 1 degree C)
Ambient Humidity 40-70% RH
Air Input 100-140 psig at 23 scfm flow
  (6.8-9.5 kg/cm squared at 651 l /min) Filtered to better than
  0.01 microns 99.99% free from oil and water
Vacuum Requirement 240scfm at 41 inches of
  Water(6792 l/min at 104 mm H2O)