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Machine Base Fine grain black granite
Dimensions and Weight 91D X 76W X 55H(2.31 X 1.93 X 1.80mm)
  7700 lbs (3465 kg)
Power Input 208-480 VAC, 3 phase
  30A-15A, 50-60 Hz plus ground
  Other power inputs available
Axis Positioning Compound X-Y table
Guide And Support Precision steel linear guides
Leadscrews Precision ground X, Y and Z recirculating pre-loaded
  ball screws
Position Accuracy +/ 0.0005(+/ 0.0127mm)
Position Repeatability +/ 0.0002 (+/0.0051mm)
Tooling Plates Phenolic with conductive foam and copper
  Ground strip
Maximum Panel Size 20X 24 (508 X 610mm)
  24 X 24 under one spindle (610 X 610mm)
Number of Spindles 2
Spindle Drive Belt driven, 2 hp variable from 3,000 to 24,000 RPM
Collets Pneumatically operated
Router Bit Sizes 0.031-0.250 (0.79-6.35mm)
Controller PMC-550, 32 bit Motorola 68040 processor
Data Input/Output 3-1/2 Dos compatible floppy
Software PSOS
Control Tower  
Dimension and Weight 27D X 16W X 55H(0.69 X 0.41X 1.40m)
  100 lbs (45 kg)
Ambient Temperature 72 degrees +/ 2 degrees F
  (22 degrees +/ 1 degree C)
Ambient Humidity 45-60% RH
Air Input 105-150 psig at 23 scfm flow
  ( 7.4-10.5 kg/cm2 at 651 l/min
  Filtered to better than 0.01 microns
  99.99% free from oil and water
Debris Vacuum Requirement 240 scfm at 41 inches of water
  (6796 l/min at 1041mm of water)
OPTIONS 9 Position automatic tool changer
  Status Light
  Stripper Plate
  Bar Code Reader