Mr. Joseph Drier is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Precision PCB Products. He purchased the company in early 2002. The company provides sales, service, spare parts, refurbishment services, and manufacture of depanelization routers for the circuit board assembly markets. Mr. Drier is an industry leader with 39 years of dedicated service. He has been actively involved in the design and manufacture of depanelization routers since 1986, and holds several patents for his innovative designs.
Current products include the new advanced Final Touch 101 depanelization router. This unique router offers a stand alone configuration with the option of adding a second spindle. It also comes in an inline configuration suitable for autoloading. In addition to the Final Touch 101, Precision PCB Products offers refurbishment services for the field proven Models 101CM and 204CM depanelization routers. We offer a full line of parts and service support for all products.
Precision PCB Products has engineering, manufacturing, product and sales support services in San Clemente, CA. Corporate headquarters are based in Bellingham, MA.
The company has world wide sales and service coverage through its network of sales representatives and distributors.